Dreams and Reality … I wrote this speech for my little sister a few days ago and thought it would be nice to put up on my blog :)

I am currently a 28 year old female, earning an attractive monthly salary, driving comfortably in my brand new drop top car. I have a white-gold, diamond ring on my finger and I am engaged to one of the most handsome, caring, honest men in South Africa. He had taken me to Phuket a few months ago where he proposed to me…. DREAM!REALITY…I am nowhere near there yet and I am trying my very best to get a good tertiary education and raise myself from this nineteen year old student into becoming a responsible and mature adult – obviously in the attempt – to make that dream a proven reality.”

My big sister had told me this a few days ago and I realised that the potential to engage in imagining your dreams as a future possibility, is inevitable. However, the uphill battle to make those embedded dreams a reality takes time, effort and perseverance.

I am one look at my own life and imagine what it would be like in the future, and according to people who have gone through life already, it does help to have a vision as to what we would like to see ourselves doing later on in life. The steamy question that rigidly attacks us is “What would really make us happy?” Dreams can help to establish that, and is a huge stepping stone when an individual is young because it helps us in guiding our path. However, we cannot dream unrealistically, because just around the corner of our oh-so-pleasant dreams lurks something that we have to face, REALITY. We could dream for our lives to be as glamorous as an American celebrity but Reality whispers to us that not everyone was born to be that way.

There are other unrealistic dreams that can be noted. For example, because we are surrounded by technology and innovation, the average person living in the CBD of a country swarming with cars such as, say,  New York City, may have the dream, and be hopeful of, perhaps, in the next year or two that 90% of the people on this planet could actually own cars. In reality, the current percentage of people who own and drive cars is a mere 8-9% of the global population. There is no way that the percentage will escalate to even 50% in the next year or two.


There are numerous examples of dreams versus reality situations, be it personally or on a global scale. There’s no point in dreaming that you will one day win the lottery because the words “tata ma chance, tata ma millions” speak for themselves! Dreams of winning the lottery only becomes a reality by virtue of chance and luck!   As South African students we know where our abilities reside, we know our strengths and weaknesses, and we have an idea as to how much we are willing to push ourselves in the direction of our own success.

I know that I am currently amongst a group of students who all have certain dreams that they are trying to pursue. As a bright and vibrant group, I see that we could all reach our very best eventually, simply by the sacrifices we make and our perseverance that enables us to get through our schooling career successfully. We will have to use that same degree of perseverance and willingness to go move forward when in the tertiary sector and working world. We all have dreams, right? Perhaps to drive a certain vehicle? To own a business? Maybe it is to travel or live in another country? Close your eyes for just 10 seconds and go to the place you want to be in the future. It feels great? Right? …..but, of course, dreams can be achieved if it’s within the boundaries of your own untapped potential. This may sound confusing, but look at it in this light – if you dream to look different, be a different skin colour, race or ethnicity, have different biological parents or dream to have been born into a different home, the reality of the situation is that these kinds of dreams are unrealistic.

Dreams and reality have to have a ‘hand-in-glove’ relationship – a relationship that is knitted together which ensures a dream can be made into a reality. By reaching into your dreams and unleashing the untapped potential built in you, you can achieve your dreams and become the individual you wish to be.

I would like to end with saying something that I took from my sister’s words and used as a bit of advice. We have to try our very best to get a good tertiary education and raise ourselves from teenage students into becoming responsible and mature adults – obviously in the attempt – to make our dreams a proven reality. We don’t have the time to be hopeful with luck, chance, wishful thinking or unrealistic dreams…

As I have mentioned before, all that is needed to make a realistic dream into a reality is time, effort and perseverance.            

Exams around the corner!!! SOS!!

Dearest Reader

I trust and hope you are well. A good friend of mine asked me to start blogging again (I havent written for a while now) and also gave me the idea that I should right on the exams which are just around the corner..

I understand that most of us have examinations just around the corner (so do I) and we may find it increasingly difficult to go through our notes and study with our busy little lives (yes yes, bbm and facebook are screaming our names every time we hit the books right?) LOL… I have been online for some time researching how we could make our lives easier to concentrate fully and engage ourselves in our work. This is the final exam for the year, so lets do this as effeciently and effecitvely as possible. How awesome it would be to have our group of friends succeed beyond limits 😀  

This wont take you long to read, I promise, just sit tight and I assure you, it will kick in at some point during you study time.

start now if you havent already started studying and compiling your notes. Im sure our family members have been nagging us to start early right? well, there you go, it is actually a good piece of advice. Procrastination is one of the reasons we just end up stressed at 4 am the day of the test trying to cram all those notes in our heads. This time should just be for revision. I know i am a key procrastinator and i do this often, which i am seriously going to stop too!

Make your own notes

Dont spot learn – How many times have we simply read over something or looked passed something in our notes and BHAM, there it is in the test??! yeah, we go into a “911 PANIC MOMENT!” I know of these moments and have learnt from that! So.. if your lecturer, tutor or teacher tells you to go over something entirely, I suggest you should!

– Learn off headings – Surprisingly this technique works extremely well. I have discovered doing this on my own. Do you know that learning off the headings and then simply understanding and making notes of what is under those headings makes remembering something in a test really easy? I am a second year student -and boy!- does that help me remember what is said under the headings. (and it helps because sometimes in an exam you’ll find a question which looks like Egyption hyroglyphics to you and you wonder whether you have actually seen it in the textbook.. Well, learning off all the headings first helped me remember what needs to be said in the answer)

Pray before you study and before the exam – God loves you. He will help you and wants the best for your future as in Jeremiah 29:11 where He says that “He has a plan to prosper us.” I will give you scrpitures to quote and pray about at the end.

Drink lots of water

Eat healty foods – your body needs nutrition

Get off the technology when studyingPut that phone away the technology that youre using to disturb you. You know you need to study and the people that want to chat with oyu shoulod also understandthat you need that time to use effectively. So no excuses, be true to yourself because YOU want to see that good report at the end of the semester.

Here are some scriptures to help you when you feel lost and need a little help for the exams.

  • Philippians 4:6-7
    6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
  • Isaiah 46:4
    4 Even to your old age and gray hairs
    I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
    I have made you and I will carry you;
    I will sustain you and I will rescue you.
  • Proverb2:6                                                                                                                                           For the Lord gives skillful and godly Wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.
  • James1:5                                                                                                                                 If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.

Hope you all  go through your exams peacefully and successfully and I pray the best for your results.


Risha ….

Generational Influence

I once worked for a man who occupied the position of a best friend to me for a period of time in my life. He is much older than me, probably in his fifty’s. Strangely I never found out his age during the time I worked for him, but we had great times, conversations and moments together. He taught me of his many well- captured life’s lessons which I took to heart and almost made them my own. He also introduced my mind to some of the most difficult to comprehend aspects of life. Those aspects of life that you tend to block out of your mind daily and pretend they never existed, however, it helped me to grow intellectually and to force myself to grow in maturity, which I am thankful for.

We worked well together but many of the long hours that were meant to be working hours were spent sitting opposite each other at his office desk, chatting over lunch (which he always insisted on buying for me). Sometimes our conversations would last for up to two to three hours getting lost in each other’s worlds and experiences. Laughing over some, expressing our concern over others and the likes. He knew many of my secrets, innermost thoughts and dreams. He could understand me which was comforting as not many people would actually take the time to comprehend what each other’s lives are really about irrespective of neither age nor gender. He never failed to read my personality like an open book and always assured me that he had faith in me to make it in the world. He saw my potential being not only a hard worker, but a smart one too. A compliment he continuously paid me amongst many others. Strangely it ultimately became a monotonous one.

Curiosity may strike you wondering what kind of conversations an older man and young woman could engage in that would so deeply move me to believe that he could understand me almost entirely. Many young people choose not to cease the opportunity to converse thoughts and experiences with the older generation, let alone their boss, but this kind of employer-employee relationship was somewhat different. Our conversations were mature with a few interesting twists to most of the tales as he was quite the Casanova when he was a young man. Some of the other tales had been twisted in such a way, forcing my mind into thoughts I never wanted to delve into.

 At the most, youth have the mind-set that getting into a conversation with someone older is of a boring nature; usually filled with long lectures and stories of their experiences or of the experiences they know other people have gone through. That is true, but in my opinion it would be a good idea to change that negative mind-set into a positive one. My experience of spending my time with my older employer was of a different nature because I chose to listen to what he had to say. I would never regret a moment of it because the stories that I eventually heard were well worth the long days of work.

If you don’t believe me, let me ask you something. How often do you get to speak about the lives of prostitutes to a well –learned man? Now have I got your attention?  So, you may ask me if that was an awkward experience and yes it was! That is what I meant when I said that some of the tales spoken had forced my mind into thoughts I never wanted to delve unto. I mean it takes a great deal of time and many personal conversations to milk out such deep thoughts from a man of his age and status. He used to tell me about a young female friend who is a call-girl. This particular woman would tell him of her trade and of the heart wrenching stories of what some psycho men would do to her. But this was her chosen career because she was so desperate for the money; she called it “instinctive survival.” I always thought that was a pretty innovative choice of words but at the same time it gave me a sense of grief. It does have a sad story behind the message doesn’t it? She had company most of the time, her clients and co-workers, friends and the likes, but on the inside she was a lonely soul. My mind couldn’t comprehend how someone could give off the only body she would ever have for money. I guess it was a game of bitter-sweet survival. Bitter being her job choice, sweet being the incredible amount of money that she ‘earned.’ As a woman it is pretty difficult to live with that identity, I know I would find it difficult. She would confide in him and he would advise her accordingly in so many ways on different occasions. Sometimes I would also give my opinion and he would advise her according to what I would say. Somehow she would listen but was drawn back to her frantic chase of money.

I would always attentively listen to many strange stories such as hers and would open-mindedly comment on them, sharing with him my thoughts and opinions. He knew that I was never afraid to voice what I thought was in my eye just, true and the right thing to do. He somehow valued my opinion because he used it to conjure his life differently at times to make him grow into a better person altogether. Just goes to show how we learn from each other daily no matter the age difference. We had many other conversations, different to the one mentioned, all entertaining and learning experiences for me.

The idea I am putting across is to never hold back from speaking to an older person. Elders, no matter their status or profiles, have lived in and through experiences and even know of people who live totally different lifestyles which we can learn from. Simply conversing and learning from them can broaden your mind-set entirely. I am thankful for his company, friendship and time. So many stories that I have gathered, memories I will hold and conversations that I’ve learned from by reading between the lines. My ex-employer is a smart man who educated me about many aspects of life which I take seriously. I implore you guys to speak to someone older; you will be surprised at their mind-sets, experiences and advice, hence using it to make you a better person. Sometimes you wonder why you are put in certain jobs, situations and experiences, why you meet certain people or have various conversations?… I believe it’s all somewhere in God’s plan to make you somebody stronger, someone more mature and ultimately a more learned individual. Some day you too will share your experiences with a younger person and perhaps and they will use it in their lives too… 

wanted… but unwanted……

wanted… but unwanted……

i simply look at life, and see a bunch of people just wanting things…
a bunch of people not looking at the bigger picture….
A crowd of wondering people not wanting a relationship with God, or even not caring what the He thinks of them.
so i question 1 matter from the many worldly matters..
like how we people would be known to be different by face value; when you meet them you see merely someone, an outward appearance, a figure, a look, a smile perhaps … once you get to know the person… its a totally different story.. In the same way, we just don’t look inwardly at anything if its what we see at face value of course.. We have to spend time getting involved to know what’s going on… People are settled in consuming whatever junk is thrown @ them though.. Its sad that we don’t delve into finding out what we really want and who we should be with …

im not writing any poetry, just cyber-shooting some thoughts.
ok, so i question alcohol,temptation, sex perhaps… not to be blunt.. but i don’t want these things to be taboo topics.. like when, how, why, and what are we supposed to do when confronted with these things?? So much to think about really… So many decisions to make when ur young. Deciding who we are and what we want and on the contrary, who we aren’t  what we don’t want.
At my age…i am a different kind if girl… authentic is what i like to call myself.. Trying to go against the odds, aiming to be somebody mature, responsible and fun-loving before my youth crumbles b4 my feet.
wanted… but unwanted is classified
In the context that ” we are wanted for what we can give
but unwanted for what we cant….”
Think about it… How many people would take u as you are ,  perhaps after you leave high-school , if u have nothing to give? Its amazing how useless we would look if we had nothing to give off to people…

I sift it down to 1 little sentence..

Humans are merely Consumers…

always true

Always true –

…and if you hear me say I do…

…I’m only saying I love you..

…These are the words I say to you…

…Always true …

… And if u share your life with me…

…Then there is nothing we can’t be…

…Together forever you and me…

…Always true…

These words are sung and written by south african artists.. The words are so romantically sung out and have such a beautiful touch to the instrumental aspect.. The music and voices complement each other so well!

Real music with real meaning…
Now That’s something worth listening to…

🙂 just a thought for tonight.
Have a wonderful nights rest.


Ineviable potential

As I sat in my little duly lit room at home chatting on the phone with my boyfriend a thought struck my mind. Our conversations were always intriguing and I loved they way we were in sync with many ideas, ambition and potential…

Potential… The idea that circulated my mind… The open door to major possibility. I mean surely we all have it built in us, but so few are willing to reach out and snatch what that 9 letter word has in store for us.

I’ve always enjoyed a good read, perhaps even a good movie… But my thoughts behind an interesting piece of writing or a movie is the person who had the idea, which develops into potential… These little things are what we fail to recognize. Its that our ideas actually have potential to be of value, interest and intrigue at some stage of the lives of others and ourselves.

Like birds and many creatures of the air, if we merely spread our wings it does not enable us to fly… This may look like it makes no sense because so many people say u should spread ur wings to reach ur goals(trust me, I’ve heard it many times)…however let me explain my understanding of the way potential works… Spreading our wings are like the ideas and potential that is built up within us. However, Its really the leap, the jump, the glide, the soaring…the actual attempt to use those open wings to fly… that is how I see potential should be put to use… 🙂

Each day, with potential, we can grow… But my opinion is to encourage the youth as individuals to use the keys of potential to enable the opportunity of possibility and success to arise…

I’m going to be in closing and fly off now …(“Fly off”.. hehe.. ironic moment).. But I want to leave with this comment…

*’Yesterday is today’s memory, but tomorrow is today’s dream’.. *

So Let’s leave yesterdays memories behind and attempt to fly into the dream of tomorrow, with potential and possibility chasing us from behind like an arrow.. it aught to excitingly lead us anywhere..it aught to successfully lead us somewhere… 🙂

Take care

God bless

The Reputation of the Young

“It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but a second to lose it” …. Chinna Amurthum Naidoo, 1926-1999.

The ideas that many people hesitate to approach stands on the grounds of a good vs. bad reputation. I mean surely when we look at people of all sorts we wonder past the oblivion of our own mindsets because all people are inevitably different. As a potential writer, for example, I attempt holding my reputation as sincere, free and open minded, respected and respectful as well as fun loving and intelligent.

Reputation crosses my mind often because it is what other people embody and categorise us as. Its the same reason why a lady would decide to put on make up or a guy would change his hair style.. we’re trying to make a statement to society, to stand out, to be cut out, to reach out to potential opportunity. Clearly it is a requisite structure that we have to constantly evaluate day in and day out. Surely we evaluate how and what we say and do to and for people. 

The moments we make and hold onto are all reputation building steps too. when looking at how our young minds develop we see a protrusion of different reputations and how to deal with and react to varied persons. Young minds are so hard to read yet so easy to persuade and waver. Persuading somebody in their mid teens to their college years can be a piece of cake and honestly reputations at those moments in time are crazily scattered. What youth cannot understand is that what people see us as today is almost the same kind of impression that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. This is simply because we leave the footprint in the sand when we walk in the footstpes of our daily lives or the way we embed our personalities in people’s minds and hearts. If we portray a personality that allows itself to be persuaded with ease, later on we could be viewed as the same kind of wavered individual.

The quotation that I mentioned when i began my piece was a statement that my Grandmother always made and it stayed in my mind more than any memory that i ever had of her…

Im not saying that we should always be on the look out for what other people think of us as we are all authentic in our ways, but the meaning i wsh to throw out is simply becareful what your reputation holds…it makes a statement about you… and as i began to make sure i establish a good enough reputation, i hope many young minds do so too

have a blessed one …


Invincible>>>>i dont think so..

the feeling of being invinsible is that we can never come to terms with actually geting back to reality.

the uniqueness in understanding that we have the ability of freedom and choice can never measure up to the reality that we are not invincible.. its just the feeeling that lingers for a short period in time.

weird…yes..and the feeling lingers on…

That moment …

i looked at my screen this morning and i didnt know what to write.. my hands ceased.. my mind began to flood with a million thoughts and i didnt know how to put my feelings.. i mean clearly you reflect on special moment and u know that they are at that moment’s crucial point…

I always seeked to find the right path.. as a young person, the potential inevitably protrudes.. the voice within you wants to throw out an expressive set of words.. through words we can express what we need to feel… emotions, that build up, that climax, that need to be said….

whether they are heard we are yet to find out..

but this morning as i saw my footsteps set ahead of me…i saw something i never saw before…i realized that so many moments are so crucial.. when you know the time bomb is ticking and you nothing  will ever last forever…we realise that we need to make it count.. always make it count…

the feeling of a first date…or a set of first dates.. those moments when he/she holds your hand or even gives you that look.. or the heart crunching moment of splitting from that someone… that last look, that specific glance before the disappearing act reappears in your life… those moments are what they are…. and sometimes i wish they never existed

and from then onward… your emotions begin to react…they become words, actions and gives you the ability to reflect on your life….

any moment that you feel worth it… always grab onto it… because you will reflect on it….

Miscellaneous mysteries

I know what holy is, I know the soul is shaped like a bowl… Oh for when the spirit does not praise the Lord, That bowl is never full…

I see the moments where I lay lost, Under a moonlit sky… My bedroom filled with the ice-white moon, My life with all its stress passed me by… I am aware of when my soul was dark… But allas, the time has come, i now see God’s mark. A nightingale sings a crisp sweet tune… As i listen online, I see the beauty of a summer dune.

My God has created much larger things that i could have ever imagine… His words are Holy, His Spirit is beautiful, there is no famine… i pray oh God, hear my cry. My life isnt perfect, but under your watchful eye. Lord you know i live no lie… individual consumation, Realising im never somebody im not… the resonance, the sound of my own voice, A blemish it hasnt got…

My God calls me friend, He sees the light beyond the tunnel, the path set before me, my fulfilled life before my grave… let the earth have whats left of me, for the future, may i become dust… but right now, until i finish God’s work, i live my life to the fullest, its a must..